Being a Leader

Having a degree or formal education does not automatically make you a great or even

good leader. To be a great leader, you have to have a few more skills. Some people

believe that these are skills you can learn; I tend to disagree. It takes a certain type of

person to truly lead well.

Compassion, empathy, and emotional intelligence are just a few of the necessary

requirement to lead effectively. To some degree, you must be able to put yourself in the

shoes of your subordinates. You have to be able to balance a fine line between what you

must, and what you should do. Ever mindful of the requirements and responsibilities

entrusted to you by your position and the rapport and morale of those you lead.

Fear and intimidation are not good qualities. They will not lend to a “tight ship” or high

productivity. Employees who hate or fear their employers do not stay long, nor do they

produce as well as those who are happy in their positions. Likewise, the uber-sensitive-

best buddy leader will not win any awards either. Employees will walk all over these so

called leaders, and so the leaders then become the led.

In essence, an excellent leader can take it all in and respond appropriately without

emotional response. A great leader never asks anyone to do something they themselves

are not willing to do. A great leader can see what needs to be accomplished alongside

what can be accomplished, assign, organize and delegate appropriately to complete the

task and deliver a high quality and reliable product. These leaders communicate with

those around them in a clear and concise way without use of blame or threat. These

leaders are able to see what people’s strengths and weakness are and use them to their


A truly great leader shows respect and admiration when it is warranted. Acknowledges

those deserving of acknowledgment and never takes the credit for things they did not

wholly accomplish themselves. A great leader is honest, reliable and always willing to

go that extra mile. They are in the trenches working alongside you, helping, teaching

and promoting you. A truly great leader need not ask for respect, for they have earned it.